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Since its inception, the computer career IT jobs outlook has been ever-changing.  Consider the latest in full-stack development and Blockchain implementation.  Throw in all the drama that 2020 has brought and the IT jobs outlook for 2021 can be anybody’s guess.  But as the French writer, Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr once said, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Therefore, despite much doom and gloom pervading the employment forecast, the need to hire I.T. professionals remains strong. Following are I.T. skills to gain, maintain and refrain from gainful employment in 2021.

Technology job gains  

Artificial Intelligence AI Job demand

Top gainers for 2021 are artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cybersecurity, and Full-Stack Development.

AI and ML are used in an extensive number of services and tools. According to LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report, hiring growth for the role of Artificial Intelligence Specialist has increased 74% annually in the last 4 years.

It can be said, almost every major company today stores customer and company data in databases, making cybersecurity one of the top technology jobs that need to be filled in 2020 and beyond.

Full Stack develop Job demand

The cybersecurity labor crunch is expected to reach 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021. It is clear there is a demand for security professionals that will be extremely high in 2021.             At the accelerated pace of technology, change has made full stack developers a valuable asset for any company.  According to Indeed and the technology recruiters at Mantek, full stack developer job openings have a growth rate of 161.98% with the job title ranking 2nd for their best jobs 2020 study.

Computer Career Job Seeker soars to new technology job opportunity
Always be looking to the future to pick up new skills

Technology that maintains is in the clouds!

For a sunny IT career outlook look to the clouds.  Cloud computing jobs remain a stable work option as the list of companies switching from traditional server infrastructure to cloud solutions continues to expand.  Software and cloud platforms will resist the downward drag.

Cloud Computer Career

This is because cloud computing has proven its value to companies that have had to operate with remote workforces and closed offices.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the leading cloud service provider on the market.  AWS-certified I.T. professionals earn more than their non-certified counterparts. Other top cloud providers include Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Career stairway the steps to a conputer career
Career stairway the steps to a computer career
The cloud isn't going anywhere, hang on tight to those skills

Refrain developing these New Skills

While not expecting to go the way of Pick, Prime, Cobol, DB2 and the like, Blockchain jobs have declined due to the weakening popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Another decliner in job needs is for the back-end developer. Since the pandemic began there have been severe cutbacks in back-end IT staffing services as part of a shift to the cloud.

Computer Career choices and IT Job considerations
Computer Career choices and IT Job considerations
Think twice about dedicating valuable time to learning & developing new skills

With so many changes swirling around the globe daily, the good news is technology is here to stay. Whether you are a new technology professional or a veteran of the Information Technology Profession your job outlook for 2021 is favorable. Keep an eye open for exciting IT jobs and computer career opportunities here on our careers site. 

Computer Career trends 2021 for IT Jobs and employment
Computer Career trends 2021 for IT Jobs and employment

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