The Do’s and Don’ts as a Job Candidate

Job Candidate Do’s and Dont’s

DON’T misrepresent your qualifications

Some job candidates will either embellish or lie about their skills and experiences in order to land a temporary position,
believing that the short-term nature of the work will prevent any consequences. Don’t do this — you’ll not only damage your
own reputation as a candidate, but also the reputation of the staffing agency, making them unlikely to work with you again.

DO take agency interviews seriously

The first step in working with a temporary agency is typically an agency interview, which will discuss your skills,
qualifications, and the type of employment you’re looking for. Treat this interview just as you would a professional job interview
— dress appropriately, arrive on time and prepared with a well-written resume and professional references, and be ready to
answer common interview questions. Keep in mind that you want to be “hired” by the staffing agency — and their goal is to
present the top candidates to their employer clients.

DON’T play the numbers game

A common but misguided approach to temporary IT employment is to register with every staffing agency in the area, in the
belief that more agencies will mean more job opportunities. Some candidates choose to do this without telling the staffing
agencies that they’re working with other temporary firms. This can create serious problems for both candidates and agencies.

Employers often work with multiple staffing agencies when they’re looking for temporary candidates. If a job candidate is
enrolled with more than one agency, the same employer can receive multiple submissions for that candidate — making
them far less likely to hire the candidate, especially for those they’ve already interviewed and passed on. This also harms
the reputation of the staffing agency, because they’re sending poor candidates in for interviews.

It’s important to be honest and upfront with a staffing agency about who you’re working with and where you’ve already
applied during your job search.

DO communicate openly with the agency

When working with a temporary staffing agency, it’s important to be honest and upfront about what you’re looking for
in terms of employment. Let the agency know if there are certain types of positions you wouldn’t be interested in, so
there is no time wasted in offering opportunities that would be a poor fit. However, it’s a good idea to remain as open
and flexible as possible in your requirements, rather than waiting for the “perfect” job opportunity.

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